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MORE housing options by adding more housing navigation support – we’ve placed 84 young adults in emergency housing, 42 in our transitional housing, and 161 in other housing options in the community. Plus, we’ve provided homelessness prevention and emergency rental assistance.


was provided to youth for emergency housing stabilization and move-in deposits

Nearly 1/3 

of all youth experiencing homelessness lives in CA

Without a home, it is hard to access nutritious food and groceries. Plus experiencing homelessness can reduce the mental health journey.

Orangewood and its partners now offer housing options for youth to meet their unique situation, from emergency housing, to transitional housing, to placement in permanent housing for voucher and non-voucher holders, to homelessness prevention and emergency rental assistance, all accompanied by culturally relevant, trauma-informed mental health support.


A Leading Provider

Orange County faces a severe shortage of beds and housing units reserved specifically for youth and young adults. Orangewood led the way by filling 58% of these units with youth who seek our services at the ORC. Additionally, we placed 84 youth in emergency shelters across our community, and provided $180,400 in direct financial assistance to help prevent youth from becoming homeless or move into stable housing after transitioning from a temporary placement.

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