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Mental Health

MORE diversity of our mental health professionals. Mental health services are crucial to helping TAY stay housed and heal from trauma. Through our Independent Living Workshops, our trauma-informed case management support, and therapy, they are developing skills in resilience, self-sufficiency, and connection. We have expanded the diversity of our mental health professionals specializing in the unique challenges facing TAY and underrepresented youth.


spent to cover the cost of therapy for our youth, a total of 1,265 hours of therapy.


Mental Health Support

Orangewood Foundation tailors its mental health support for Transitional Aged Youths (TAY) by offering a range of engagement options. This includes Independent Living Workshops, direct case management support and counseling, as well as connecting youth with practicing mental health professionals and TAY specialists in the community when needed. Orangewood's case managers play a crucial role in strengthening youths' ties to their community and fostering skills in resilience, self-sufficiency, and connection.


Diverse Network

Through effective case management and providing easy access to services and resources, Orangewood Foundation facilitates referrals to a diverse network of professional mental and therapeutic service providers in the community. These providers specialize in addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by TAY and under-represented youth. Orangewood's flexible approach and commitment to diversifying services ensure a broader safety net for youth in Orange County. This expanded continuum of care aims to make youth feel supported as they navigate their journey toward independence and the life they envision.

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