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Scholarship & Grants

MORE young adults are pursuing their educational goals - this year we have provided more scholarships and grants than any other year in our history. And these funds aren’t just for tuition - 67% used their funds for basic needs and living expenses so they can focus on their studies rather than on survival.


was awarded to support education, workforce development, and lifelong learning through grants, scholarships, and Advanced Studies Funds.

Supporting the

WHOLE Student

Supporting the whole student means helping them cover the total cost of attendance, not just tuition and course materials. Academic success requires housing, healthy meals, positive mental health and wellbeing, as well as mentoring, community, and a social support network.

Adult Students


Scholarships provide funding to youth pursuing higher education or vocational skills development. Funds are available so that unplanned educational, living, basic needs, or emergency expenses do not turn into financial crises that prohibit successful persistence and graduation.

Awards are up to $3,312 for community college and trade school, and up to $5,904 for four- year university.


ASF scholars use funding for both academic and living expenses while pursuing advanced degrees. Scholars join a supportive community that includes current ASF students, alumni, donors, Orangewood staff, and community leaders, creating an academic and social-emotional support system for students working to achieve educational success. Average annual awards are $10,000 per student.

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